Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anguilla - tiny in size, huge in impressions

Sandy Ground - one of the most fabulous beaches of Anguilla
Despite being one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean, Anguilla is a very attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. Its story began about 4000 years ago. The original name was Malliouhana, which means arrow-shaped sea serpent. After having been renamed by the Europeans due to its specific eel-like shape, the island’s name is of the similar origin in all of the Romance languages, so you will never make a mistake when inquiring about Anguilla vacation. After continuous colonization and two rebellions the island has become a British Overseas Territory. It is very easy to find a good villa to spend your vacation today, just check our Anguilla villas section and see for yourself.

Before starting off to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of this Caribbean treasure, spare several minutes of your time and read some useful notes on the Anguilla vacation.

The most exciting thing about all Caribbean destinations is beaches. Anguilla is absolutely not an exception. More to say, this island claims to have the best beaches in the world. Not less than 33 of them, all with clear azure water and glaringly white sand, offer a pampering experience of sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. There are crowded places along with beach bars, resorts, umbrellas and all other luxury attributes, as well as nice little secluded sands, where you can even spot sea turtles and iguanas. You can visit Captains Bay, Island Harbour, Shoal Bay East, Limestone Bay, to name only a few. No matter which one you choose, Anguilla will welcome you with calm sea and picturesque coast.

Another great activity in Anguilla is hiking. You will be amazed how many directions can be taken on such a small piece of dry land that is only 17 miles long and 3 miles wide at its maximum. The narrowness of the island makes it eventually possible to see the shoreline on the opposite sides when passing the low bush and rocks along the coast. One of the best places to start exploring the uninhabited area is Windward Point. If you find yourself bored with open spaces, then try the caves – natural formations, which emerged as gaps in the coral resulted by the erosion of the softer rock. The most prominent of them are Abadam Hole, Big Spring National Park, The Fountain, Iguana Cave and several others. So be sure to check at least one, as it is very interesting to see the insides of the island.

While some separate sights can be distinguished in other places of the Earth, in Anguilla the whole island is a natural and historical attraction. You can ride through the island on a bike or even on a horseback, for Anguilla is almost completely flat and has just one main road and nice side roads. While enjoying the splendid nature, be on the lookout for the birds – there are 136 different species of them. And if that all is not enough to satisfy your desire for Caribbean flora and fauna, come to the north side of the island and find a hiking trail near Crocus Hill. It will lead you to the small rainforest of Anguilla. It would be best to search for an accommodation in some of the small villages, such as West End vacation rentals, to have a nice place to refill your strength after the exploration of the island.

Anguilla won’t leave anyone indifferent. It is a kind of place which charms and enwraps you with its beauty right from the start. Who knows, maybe you wouldn’t even want to leave…

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