Thursday, September 30, 2010

Macedonia - land of churches and mountains

The church of St. John the Theologian–Kaneo above Ohrid Lake in Macedonia
Macedonia, one of the youngest independent countries in the world, is enriching the European continent with its unrepeatable mentality and picturesque landscapes. Parted from Yugoslavia back in 1991, it has since demonstrated significant economical growth. The country is a candidate for the European Union, which indicates that a level of life is due to grow inevitably. Apart from the economy issues, Macedonia is a very beautiful and hospitable country. A lot of places to see and to be awe-inspired! The lack of any sea coast is easily filled with marvelous mountain ranges, which form the natural boundaries of the country. And there are also three large lakes that are shared with Albania and Greece by the borders. Macedonia vacation rentals can be very useful when you decide to experience the magnificence of this state.

Every little piece of the country’s territory is filled with attractions, and no wonder you can feel lost after some time. Read some tips we have carefully picked for you in order to plan your journey effectively.

The mountains are nearly the main natural places of interest in Macedonia. They can be ousted only by the lakes. Stretching along the borders of the country, the Šar Mountains, the Osogovo–Belasica mountain chain, or the Rhodope range, and the Vardar River outline a great valley in the centre, which represents Macedonia in geographical way. The first thing to enjoy in the mountains is alpinism, since there are 14 peaks higher than 2000 meters in the country. And if climbing is not your way of exploring the mountains, you can still discover deep caves, ski, paraglide or just relax in the small and friendly mountain villages.

Macedonia is a very cultural and traditional country, and the outstanding heritage is the best assurance. Religious sites have the major position in the country. Some of the old churches and monasteries have preserved Byzantine fresco paintings, which were created between 11th and 16th century. Most of them are the masterworks of the Macedonian School of ecclesiastical painting. You may have heard about the churches of St. Sophia and the Holy Virgin of Perivleptos in Ohrid, the church of the Holy Saviour in Skopje and others. As a certain percent of the population is Muslim, there are pieces of great oriental architecture too.

One of the most prominent sites in Macedonia is Lake Ohrid. It is the largest one in the country and one of the deepest in Europe. It is claimed to have emerged about two or three million years ago. There are a lot of historical and cultural attractions, such as a restored Roman amphitheatre, that provides great acoustic for music festivals. According to the legend, there were 365 churches from the 4th century and onwards. And after all it is also a great waterside resort. Just see our Ohrid vacation rentals section and start planning your trip!

Such a small piece of land as Macedonia can keep you busy the whole vacation, and still you will see only a part of what it has to offer.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Venezuela - a paradise of Christopher Columbus

The highest waterfall in the world - Angel Falls in Venezuela
Venezuela, one of the most beautiful countries of Latin America, was considered to be literally a paradise by Christopher Columbus, when he sailed through the Gulf of Paria during his third voyage. And the name which he gave to that territory, Land of Grace, is an unofficial name of Venezuela now. Being located entirely in the tropics, the country really offers a great abundance of nature, locations, wildlife and weather conditions. Average temperature is 25°C (77°F), but the Andes are usually cooler, as any mountains are, and you can even come across snow in its highest parts. But that is not a problem for an experienced traveler, for there is a Venezuela vacation rentals section on our website, and no weather can stop you from exploring Amazonian rain forests, peaks of Andes or Angel Falls – the highest waterfall in the world!

There are some basic things you need to know if you decide to visit Venezuela, so read the extracts we prepared for you before moving on to the rentals.

As it is usual for a South American country, the sunny beaches and the warm ocean in one part of the territory is complemented by the mountains, particularly Andes, on the other. The Andes of Venezuela are about 400 km long and 50-100 km wide. It is a perfect place for adventure activities, such as climbing, trekking, camping, horse riding, paragliding, and mountain biking. And if you admire wildlife or conduct a research on flora and fauna, the mountain chains of Venezuela are just the thing for you as well.

Being without a doubt the most popular tourist attraction in Venezuela, The Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall on Earth. However, the trip to the fall may be somewhat complicated, since they are situated in an isolated jungle region. The only way to reach the site is by plane from Caracas or Ciudad Bolivar to the Canaima camp, where the trips to the base of the falls start. During the wet season, which is from June to December, it is also possible to get there by river. But it is worth to take an effort, since it is a majestic view!

One of the best locations to enjoy the seaside is Margarita Island. There is about 167 km of coastline, where both busy tourist beaches and quiet fishing villages can be discovered. Of course, bars, shops, restaurants and similar entertainment can be found on the island too. If you like to explore the depths, then you are sure to take pleasure in snorkeling and scuba diving. And if speed and open spaces is your thing, it is certainly worth to try windsurfing. All this can be easily done while staying in Margarita Island vacation rentals, which are also present on our website.

Venezuela is a country of contrast and variability, and no matter what season will you choose to come there, you will fully enjoy your vacation!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Albania - the heart of the Mediterranean

Albania - a country where you can meet the unique legacy of the ages
Though Albania is one of the smallest countries in Europe, nevertheless it is an active participant of many of the European organizations. Its economy is quickly growing, and the country has all chances to become a member of the European Union in the near future. But that is not the main fact which makes it an especially attractive place to visit. Situated in the centre of Mediterranean region, washed by Ionian and Adriatic seas, still partly untouched by globalization, Albania is a result of the exciting fusion of the ancient European civilizations and cultures. Very few countries can boast such uniqueness, and it can be understood why it is considered one of the world’s most interesting getaways.

You will get much more enjoyment from your Albanian trip if you spend just about ten minutes reading the information we selected about the country.

The unbelievable hospitality of the people descends from the traditions of courtesy dating as far as 15th century, and in some ways even earlier. A guest is shown the highest respect; he is seated at the head of the table. If you are lucky enough to be invited to the Albanian house, you will be treated with warmth and generosity. And there is a high chance of it with rental property in Albania provided by our website. Being truly friendly and helpful towards the foreigners who visit their country, the Albanians do have a custom, unusual for the rest of the world – they shake their head if they mean “yes”, and nod it to say “no”. That is nearly the main thing to be remembered while staying in this country.

The sea coasts of Albania are also one of the reasons of the country’s great popularity. Ionian and Adriatic shorelines both have their distinctive features. Since there are few river deltas at the former, the coastline is rocky there, and the waves can be up to 4 meters. The latter starts from the delta of Buna River, and the combination of the deltas of the largest rivers makes its waters shallow. The Adriatic coast provides a great opportunity for nature lovers and eco-tourists, while the Ionian shore will surprise you with small beaches and secluded bays, often being hard to reach.

Gjirokaster, the Town of a Thousand Steps, is a well-preserved medieval town, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It is situated in the valley between the Gjere Mountains and the Drino River. Since it lies close to the border, it was also an important outpost, which witnessed many historical events. Once it even was a capital of the short lived Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus. The town itself is a museum, and the landmarks can be seen on every street. You may even stay in one of those, if you look at our Gjirokaster vacation rentals section.

Nobody can stay insensitive to Albania after visiting it. The people, the history, the small towns – all of it catches your eye and your heart right from the beginning of your journey!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ecuador - a small country, a great nature

San Rafael Falls, located in the Yasuni National Park - one of the finest places in Ecuador
One of the countries that lie in the both Northern and Southern hemispheres is Ecuador. Its official name is even translated as “Republic of the equator”. A completely unique environment, that is simply amazing for a country of such size, is carefully preserved. The ecosystem rights are actually enforced in the new constitution of Ecuador. To impress you even more it is worth to say that 15% of all known bird species in the world live in Ecuador. The main reason to see this country is its nature. Wait till you come across those Galapagos tortoises! And a great possibility to find a nice stay for you is provided by Ecuador rentals section of our website.

Of course, it is best to experience all that beauty without any delay, but still there are some tips and advices which should be read first.

Being one of the world’s environmentally diverse places, Ecuador offers a piece of scenery for everyone. If you decide to sunbathe and enjoy the ocean, then the beaches of the Pacific are the place. Whether it is recreation you need, Ecuadorian Ands are always ready to provide you with hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. The Amazon rainforest is a home to the most exotic animal species, and the ancient Inca civilization vestiges remind of a centuries long history.

The most remarkable place of Ecuador is the Galapagos Islands. They are the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Exceptional in their diversity, the islands lay 972 km west of continental Ecuador. They emerged from the volcanic eruptions and rose almost 800 meters above the sea level. And there are still some active volcanoes on the younger islands. Of course, there is much to see except the nature: the culture resides in museums and art galleries, shops offer a variety of island-specific goods, and clubs and restaurants will be a fine entertainment for you.

The capital of Ecuador is Quito. This city was the historical capital of the Incan empire, and at the dusk of their civilisation they destroyed it to prevent from falling into the hands of conquistadors. The Spaniards took the effort to rebuild the city, and so it stands ever since. The Old Town impresses the visitors with the colonial architecture. It is the best preserved historic centre in Latin America. The high altitude of the city location determines the climate, which can surprise you with cool evenings and couple of months of rain. But the hotness of day compensates it all, so be sure you are protected from the sun! Quito vacation rentals offer the best protection from all weather conditions and a comfortable accomodation too.

Ecuador is a country which can boast its unique possibilities for ecotourism. Nevertheless lazy time spending on the beach is also available, and you will never regret visiting the equator itself!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nepal - Himalayas and a lot more

A marvelous scenery of one of the villages of Nepal
The beautiful Nepal, the world’s recent state to become a republic, is a unique country by its location, culture and traditions. The only fact that there are eight of ten highest peaks of Earth in Parbat, the Mountain Region of Nepal, makes it an exceptionally attractive place to visit. The other outstanding information about the mountain system of the country is that over 240 crests which are over 6 096 meters, or 20 000 feet above the sea level, belong to it. So if you are a professional or amateur mountaineer, Nepal must be a place of worship to you. With our Nepal accommodation it will be easy to find a nice place to stay for conquering even the Everest! But be aware that climbing such extreme routes by yourself is very undesirable, so find a fine group of ramblers and surmount the impregnable heights!

Even if you are not keen on mountains, there is still a lot to see in Nepal. Be sure to read our travel tips for the country compiled for you.

The rich nature and the diversity of landscapes is the reason why so many tourists visit Nepal every year. And the best way to enjoy all of it is trekking. You can start in any region, whether Central or Eastern, and you are sure to experience the natural beauty of the country.

The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu, which is an extraordinary place for visitors. It is a starting point for many tours and trekking routes. And furthermore, it lies in the Kathmandu Valley, that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, and more than 130 monuments of architecture and culture are scattered throughout the valley. Among them are The Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath, or Monkey temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, to name only a few.

Nepal is one of the Asian countries which progressed rapidly during recent years. Large-scale political reforms which started in 1990 led to forming of a federal democratic republic in 2008. Nepal also voted for the abolishment of the death penalty within the country and the acceptance of the full rights of the LGBT individuals and same-sex marriages which is unprecedented for Asia.

If you wish to see the most mixed country of the Asian region, then Nepal is the place for you. Combining the spirituality and modesty of the East with the freedom and modernity of the West, it offers the most tempting allurenesses for any vacationer, no matter what the preferences are. And it is up to you to discover what is there for you in Nepal. It can be easily done with the variety of Nepal vacation rentals available on our website. Just check it and start your journey!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mozambique - there is still much to discover

The view of imposing Mount Muresse in northern Mozambique
One of the authentic African countries with rich history of struggle for independence and rising economy is Mozambique. A constant opposition of the Arabs and the Portuguese in the medieval ages led to the emerging of a multinational and multicultural environment. The rebellious spirit of the people came out with years of guerilla war, but now it is safe, and you can experience all the tourists’ spots by yourself. There is much to see and do both in the continental Mozambique and offshore islands. The tourism industry has one of the fastest growth rates in the world, mostly because of its developing infrastructure and large natural preserves. It has become even easier to visit the island because there is Mozambique accommodation now.

Certainly, it is quite intriguing to see modern Mozambique with all its colonial heritage and more than 2500 km of the coastline. But it is better to read our tips on travelling to the country to be completely confident.

The nature and wildlife of the country is very diverse. You will find fulfillment for your every preference, whether it is sunbathing, snorkeling, trekking, cultural and eco-tourism and many more. Generally, if you need comfort and serenity, head on to Southern Mozambique. The road network and transport availability is good there, and the variety of nice and cozy accommodations is at your disposal. And if adventure is what you crave, consider Northern Mozambique. It takes some more time to get there, but a challenge is guaranteed. Moreover, you get astonishing coastal panoramas, vast beaches and untouched culture as a reward.

One of the most popular destinations is Ilha de Moçambique – an island connected with the mainland through a causeway. It is a former capital of the Portuguese colony, and the architecture there is a must-see. The island was granted an UNESCO World Heritage status in 1991. The two botanical gardens complement the two towns – colonial one and traditional one. Most of the flora is imported from Madagascar. And of course, the beaches are just wonderful.

A historic town of Inhambane is one of the oldest in Mozambique. It was destroyed in the nineteenth century by the Zulu, but was rebuilt in the second half of the century as a Portuguese colonial town. The remnants of the great architecture make it famous among tourists. You can browse Inhambane vacation rentals on our website – maybe there are some of those colonial houses available!

Mozambique is on its way to become a popular tourist destination, and even now there is something for every guest to enjoy, no matter how demanding he is.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grenada - a peaceful corner of the Caribbean

One of the wonderful lagoons of Grenada
Though it is one of the smallest island countries in the Caribbean, Grenada is important to the region and to the world economy in whole. Being one of the world’s largest exporters of spice, particularly nutmeg, as well as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace, this small piece of dry land is often called “The Island of Spice”. The nutmeg is even depicted on the national flag of Grenada, which is due to exporting 20% of the world supply, or the second largest production of that spice in the world. And if you are into sweets, then don’t miss the bars from Grenada Chocolate Company, which processes organic cocoa growing on the island. Except that remember that this great country is not just all about food designed to spoil you, but also there are a lot of wonderful possibilities to have a good time, and in this case Grenada apartments will be very useful.

Before you start your exploration of this wonderful destination, make sure you read our tips on travelling Grenada.

The islands can boast their great national parks. An immense effort was put to preservation of the picturesque areas, such as rain forests and coral reefs. Among them is Levera National Park, which has the reputation of the most spectacular and charming coastal area in Grenada. Its lagoon is one of the most important wildlife habitats on the island. Don’t miss the other marvelous natural preserves, which are abundant in the country.

As any tropical island, Grenada is rich in various beaches, be it vast and lengthy or small and secluded. A variety of small bays is natural to the coastline, so you can surprisingly come across a quiet and untouched plot of white sand. There are even several black sand beaches, where the sand is much softer. The most famous beach in Grenada is Grand Anse, which is about 3 km long. It is always listed in the Top 10 beaches of the world. And in order to preserve the original charm of nature, no hotel on the island is allowed to have more than three stories.

St George’s, the capital of Grenada, is very small and beautiful. It is situated near the hillside of the old volcano and on a harbor that resembles a horseshoe. Though it has developed a lot in the recent years, it has preserved its natural culture and history, and is still a popular destination among tourists. Despite the fact that the city had suffered great damage from the Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the rebuilding efforts have been colossal, and now you can enjoy the Caribbean hospitality in St George’s vacation rentals, as there are a lot of places of interest: Roman Catholic Cathedral, Anglican Church, Wharf Road, Fort George, Grenada National Museum and many others.

After you’ve visited Grenada, you will have an impression of pure warmth inside you. The serenity of the islands and hospitality of the people are overwhelming!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Iran - eastern splendor and amiability with a centuries-old history

Tehran - an absolutely impressive capital of Iran
One of the most mysterious and ancient countries in Asia and in the world is Iran. The people of Iran are one of the oldest continuous major civilizations. And as you have already known for sure, Iran is a cradle of poetry and science, which gave the modern world a good deal of existing knowledge. The history of this territory is tremendous; it conquered other kingdoms and was conquered by stronger foes, has gone the way from prehistoric empires to an Islamic republic. The historical name of Iran is Persia, so when you hear that, don’t get confused, because now you know where it is. And if you notice the Iran accommodation section of our website, you will also know how many opportunities are there to find a nice place to stay.

While you shouldn’t encounter any problems when visiting Iran, we still provided some useful tips for you to maximize the pleasure from your vacation.

You may think that Iran is very unfriendly towards foreign visitors, especially Americans, but that is one of the biggest mistakes. People are very forthcoming and genuinely interested in your country and experience. A crime rate is quite low in Iran, but you must not be careless. Just use your common sense and be attentive and everything will be fine. The only thing that is recommended to avoid is talk on politics. And always check if the place you are about to photograph allows doing that, as it can be a strategic or military object, and violating the rules can lead to undesirable consequences.

One of the most popular attractions of Iran is its Caspian coastline. Very admired among the locals and the tourists, it is always full of people. It lays just about four-hour drive from Tehran, and you can witness a lot of beautiful places on your way to the Caspian Sea, such as green forests, paddy fields, orchards and the ruins of the old Mongol castles in the mountains, which are now ruled by bears and tigers. The tropical climate and wonderful beaches make the three coastal provinces of Iran a great location for your holiday. And you can also check our Mazandaran vacation rentals to find an accommodation close to the sea.

Tehran, the capital of Iran, deserves at least couple of days of your stay. It has more than 800 parks, and all of them are in a well-conditioned state. The city is almost a mile high above the sea level, which makes it cooler than the other cities of the region. Of course, the history left a lot of its possessions in Tehran, and the most prominent of them can be seen in the Treasury of the National Jewels, the National Museum of Iran, the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini and in a great number of other museums. The capital is full of landmarks, so make sure you have a nice guide or a good edition of any printed travel advisor.

There is simply an unimaginable amount of attractions in Iran, and one trip will definitely not be enough to comprehend them all. But the openness and sincerity of the natives will convince you to come again!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Argentina - a fabulous attraction for everyone

A spectacular view of Buenos Aires - the capital of Argentina
Argentina – the land of silver. Once a quiet and peaceful land of Incas, now it is one of the worlds greatly developed countries. Actually, it is not made of silver. It all took place when the Spanish reached the shores of South America. The expedition of conquistadors received silver offerings from the natives, and the news about the mountain rich in silver, Sierra del Plata, reached Spain. And the name ‘Argentina’ was consolidated in the National Constitution in 1853. It is obvious now that if there wasArgentina rental property those days, the exploration of the country would have been even more comfortable and interesting. The contrast between the vast plains to the East and imposing Andes Mountains to the West makes it really attractive to be seen with your own eyes.

But before you will set your foot on the journey for the infamous silver mountain, check out our tips for making your travelling to Argentina safe and exciting.

The first thing to remember is that traffic in Argentina is to some extent careless and speedy. When going afoot please be extremely attentive. Traffic laws are something that drivers in Argentina often do not comply or even ignore. Of course, a sloppy traveler can be safe nowhere, but it is not so hard to follow simple safety rules and to be cautious, so no traffic could spoil your vacation.

Whether you like the mountains, the ocean or simply sightseeing, there is anything for your taste in Argentina. The highest peak in the Western and Southern hemisphere, Aconcagua, is situated in the Andes, which in turn form a natural border with neighboring Chile. The city of Mar del Plata offers you a beautiful ocean coast and a sophisticated tourism infrastructure. And certainly a number of national parks and World Heritage Sites are scattered throughout the country. It is definitely hard to see them all in one visit, but who says it must be only one visit?

Buenos Aires is often called the ‘Paris of South America’ and is one of the most popular destinations in the world. There is much to see and to do there. Tango shows, theatre plays, tourist circuits, wonderful architecture, churches, museums – to name only a few. A huge variety of Buenos Aires vacation rentals allows you to find the most suitable one for you and fully enjoy staying in that marvelous city.

Argentina has always been a striking country, and its rich historical and cultural legacy makes it a remarkable attraction for every category of tourists – from idle vacationers to grey-bearded archaeologists. Don’t miss your chance to experience South America in its most amazing manifestations!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Senegal - a country outstanding even for Africa

A winding coastline of Senegal with small beautiful bays
Another wonderful African destination is Senegal. The thing that makes it unique among other states of the continent is that it is a home to a black nation that is 90% Muslim. Senegal doesn’t hold any strategic value, but still it has played a great part in African politics since becoming independent. It has been a cultural and diplomatic bridge between the Muslim and the black African population for many years. Senegal is maintaining close economical, social and political relations with France despite being its colony for many years, and it happens to be more fascinating because this kind of a course is unlikely for former French colonies. But a demonstration of hospitality is usual for African people, as there are Senegal vacation rentals available for you to experience such a controversial place.

Before you start your trip it is important to learn some tips and information which will help you avoid confusion and diversify your stay.

The north of the country is partly a desert, and the southern part of Senegal is abundant in tropical forests and natural preserves. And one of the most remarkable parts of the country is its vast beaches. You can choose for yourself either significant and well-built resort zones, where comfort is a usual thing and nightlife is vibrant, or small relaxed native fishing villages with a coastline filled with lively wooden pirogues. In any case you will enjoy excellent swimming and sunbathing.

The National Park and Reserve System of Senegal is developing confidently. The wildlife of the dunes and mangrove swamps which surround the mouth of the Senegal River is kept in Langue de Barbarie National Park and Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary. A great diversity of the wild animals can be observed in the Niokolo-Koba National Park, which is also a World Heritage Site. That area is remote and mainly undeveloped, but still provides possibilities for specialty tours. The southwest of the country is a particular place for tropical forest expeditions and ecotourism.

Petite Côte is the place that combines all possible interests of Senegal in itself. A small stripe of seashore contains attractive beaches and tiny villages, as well as rich wildlife and mangroves. But apart from all this the region presents an important historical value. Diorom Boumag, an ancient shell mound close to Siné-Saloum, witnessed the earliest African civilizations. The traces of the ancient and medieval empires are not so easy to find, but local villagers can pamper your ears with great stories, so you will completely forget about searching. Consider all this when seeing La Petite Cote vacation rentals on our website.

Senegal has an exclusive atmosphere of a country which is varied in people and places. Do not miss your opportunity to see one of the earliest inhabited territories of the Black Continent!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vietnam - from royalty to socialism

A view of one of the beautiful Vietnam bays
One of the only five socialistic republics left nowadays in the world is Vietnam. Stretched greatly on the coast of the South China Sea, it is a home to many resorts and lovely beaches. In Vietnam you can find everything to escape from the routine and tension and make you feel at ease and fill you with fresh impressions as well. Nature has remained intact for ages and the ancient forests still can amaze you with their majesty. And the historic sites, which are the heritage of the Vietnam royal dynasties, are simply an astounding view. Just check if there are any Vietnam vacation rentals nearby your desirable vicinity and set forth for the adventures!

The country is gracious towards tourists, but it is worth to remember that there can be confusions anywhere, so pay attention to the travel advices which are given here.

The climate of Vietnam is much variegated, with the north being tropical, south enjoying the mildness and warmth of the subtropics and the center showing off with a wobbly weather. The northern mountains often get snowy and frosty, so if it is your foible, you should consider visiting this country. And the deserted red or white sand beaches, such as Bai Sao or Mui Ne, offer great swimming and kayaking.

Some simple behavior rules will help you be warmly greeted in any region of Vietnam. Always show respect towards the people and their cultural and historical values. Ask if it is ok to photograph anyone. Don’t be surprised or offended when you are asked about your personal life, it is normal in Vietnam. Be decently dressed, especially at religious sites, and do not swim or tan nude. And learning a couple of commonly used words in Vietnamese will make your stay in every area easier and more enjoyable.

Hanoi has been the capital of Vietnam for almost 1000 years. Though it has witnessed a lot of wars and occupations, it has retained its historical originality and incomparable atmosphere, which is enriched by French and Chinese infusions. Almost every street has preserved its name from the thirteenth century, when every guild owned one. The most outstanding sights of Hanoi are the Old Town, the French Quarter, the Temple of Literature, the One-Pillar Pagoda and many others. A variety of Hanoi vacation rentals makes it possible to stay as much as you need to observe every place of interest.

Vietnam has accumulated great legacy during its peace and struggle periods. Once you visit it, there will be no other similar trip in your life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

South Korea - where past and present unite

A breathtaking view of Seoul - capital of South Korea
South Korea, a country of great history and rapid economical development, is a fascinating tourist attraction nowadays. Its palaces, temples and city gates have been the silent witnesses for years which have passed from the foundation of Joseon to becoming one of the world’s largest economic powerhouses, the “Asian Tiger”. It is situated on the Korean peninsula, and that is the reason the geography and climate conditions of the country are very diverse. Mountains cover over 70% of South Korea’s territory. The eastern coastline consists mainly of sandy beaches, and the western one presents by itself rocky shores and mud flats. There is an exclusive transportation system in Korea, which can deliver you to any corner of the state. And furthermore, there are a lot of South Korea vacation rentals, so every part of the country can be explored with no difficulties.

It is a very special place to visit, and here are some advices for you if you decide all this is worth to see by yourself.

The main thing is not to confuse South and North Korea! While the southern part of the peninsula is a democratic and tourist-friendly country of South Korea, its northern part is occupied by a socialistic North Korea. The border between them is one of the most heavily guarded and fortified in the world. And it is not likely for you to get inside North Korea, because the country is closed for foreigners. Just make sure you’ve made correct inquiries, bookings and planned itineraries before the departure.

Another significant thing about Korea is its architecture. It is an outcome of the country’s turbulent history, which often caused both creation and destruction. Now there is an exciting medley of designs and styles. Traditional Korean architecture is known by its aspiration to a harmony with nature. It can be observed in temples, palaces, old houses – hanok, and, of course, at nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The end of the nineteenth century brought western architecture, with churches, schools and universities being built in a new way. And finally, in the late twentieth century the main task of the architects was to preserve the original nature-friendly manner while handling the fast urbanization of the country.

One of the best places to enjoy all those architectural fusions is Seoul – the capital of South Korea and one of the largest metropolises in the world. The past and the present are introduced by numerous sights, such as royal palaces of the Joseon Dynasty, Insadong, museums, art centers and much more. To use your time wisely and see as much as you can during you stay, Seoul vacation rentals are sure to be handy. When your accommodation is arranged, there are no more impediments for exploring the wonderful South Korea!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mix diversity, fusion, contrast - and you will have Malaysia

Malaysia - a perfect place for a beach holiday
A country of pure diversity, Malaysia is one of the favorite tourists’ destinations in the world. Multicultural heritage of the native Malays and the Indian and Chinese immigrants has formed a unique environment of peaceful attitude and colorful culture. As the descendants of the nations are coexisting, the processes of forming new customs are still underway. Not only is the culture of Malaysia a distinctive feature of the country, but its geography is outstanding too. Two parts of the country which are separated by the South China Sea share almost similar landscape. Warm, sandy beaches and rich mangroves rise to the mountains and hills, often densely forested. All this makes accommodation in Malaysia very attractive because it provides you with a possibility to see any part of the country’s nature in any time of the year.

And before you start off, make sure you read the brief travel information which was carefully picked for you.

The equatorial sun of Malaysia makes it truly attractive for vacations all year long, but in the same time it is very strong. Along with warm and humid climate it guarantees the beaches to be simply wonderful places for relaxing. But be careful, because sunburns can be received if you will be too exposed to the sun. Also drink a lot of water to compensate your loss of salt and liquid. Do not let anything spoil your Malaysian holiday!

All the prices are displayed in ringgits – the currency of Malaysia. It may still be called ‘dollar’ sometimes, as it was done 35 years ago, but it is still a ringgit. Be confident that no one can claim dollars as a payment from you. And always be attentive, because a dollar can still mean a dollar in some places. Just trust your eyes and don’t let anyone lead you into misunderstanding. But also don’t expect everyone to be eager to trick you because people are usually friendly and open-hearted.

The capital of the nation, Kuala Lumpur, is a modern metropolis and a cultural centre of Malaysia. It serves as a gateway for almost all tourists who come to experience the exotic in various locations of the country. The old buildings and the modern ones form a unique look of the city. Even if you are unaccustomed to the East, it will not be a problem to socialize because the locals are quite helpful and will gladly fulfill your requests. The hospitality of the people is unmatched as well, just check our Kuala Lumpur vacation rentals section and see for yourself!

So if you are looking for a perfect place to spend your vacation, then consider Malaysia as #1 on your list! Being a land of contrasts, it will leave you pleasantly surprised, amazed and strongly wishing to come again. Oh, and the cuisine is just wonderful and exquisite, so both your body and soul will be completely satisfied!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Castles and dreams - it is all Poland

The stunning skyline of Warsaw - capital of Poland
Despite being in the socialistic camp for a long time, Poland is now a wealthy member of the European Union and a beautiful country by itself. All those little villages residing alongside the freeway have a unique look and atmosphere. The level of life in Poland has been steadily increasing since obtaining independence, and nowadays it is not only a great state to live in but also a popular tourist destination. The rich history of Poland left behind plenty of sights, cultural heritage of which is of great value to the nation and an excellent attraction for visitors. If you are intrigued by a Polish vacation then our Poland accommodation section is for you.

But before you start off exploring centuries-aged castles and medieval cities, here is some information to help you feel more confident in your journey.

As it was already said, there is a large multiplicity of castles in Poland. Actually the number of castles is about 500, and almost each of them offers a good portion of attraction and entertainment. The most significant one is Malbork castle. Built by the Teutonic Order, it is the largest brick castle in the world and one of the most imposing in Europe. Nowadays its rooms display Teutonic life in the times of Order existence. Every year “Siege of the Malbork Castle” occurs, which is a great festival with a lot of activities and performances.

Though ‘Poland’ means ‘land of fields’, and there are many plains as well, the southern region of the country is a home to the gorgeous Tatras Mountains. Travelers who seek action and adventure are welcome. The others shouldn’t miss it too, as it is a striking sight, and you will be astonished without even having to climb it. The perfect place to start exploring the mountains is the town of Zakopane, situated in a lovely valley. There are Zakopane vacation rentals on our website too, make sure you will check them after reading. The Tatras are the part of the Carpathian Mountains, which are a 1500 km range throughout Eastern and Central Europe.

The capital and the largest city of Poland is Warsaw. It stands on the banks of Vistula River. The city suffered great damage during World War II, but was completely rebuilt. The Old Town forms an outstanding contrast with a modern part of Warsaw, and over 80 parks of the city are a wonderful place to take a stroll in summer. A hefty multitude of sights and attractions pervade the Polish capital, and it is up to you to see most of them, if not all. With our Warsaw vacation rentals it has become more than possible.

A complicated way of the state of Poland throughout medieval and modern history led to a formation of a prospering republic. Being the fourteenth most visited country by the foreigners, it is sure to make you awe with admiration and delight.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uganda - experience the friendly Africa

A picturesque Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda
Uganda – home to an overwhelmingly beautiful nature and carefully preserved wildlife, abundant in species greatly. There is no place like Ugandan forests to go for a safari, to watch a prowling lion or to meet a mountain gorilla face to face.

Landlocked by five African countries, Uganda still provides a lakeside attraction, as there are several wonderful lakes, including Lake Victoria, which is the largest in Africa and belongs to the African Great Lakes. The location of the country and the reservoirs affect the climate significantly. While Victoria provides cloudy weather and rainfalls in the south of Uganda, the eastern part of the country suffers from droughts sometimes due to dryness of its climate. But all those weather surprises will not affect your journey if you choose to browse our website for Uganda vacation rentals, which proved to be a hospitable shelter from hot sun and pouring rain. Remember, it is Africa and everything can happen!

Uganda is one of the friendliest countries on the African continent. But still there are some important things to be remembered while staying there.

While English is the official language, there are more than 40 other languages currently used in the country. Yet the people will be eager to help and guide you no matter what is your mother tongue. The years of the struggle for power in Uganda made common people caring and attentive towards each other and towards any other person that isn’t native.

Unlike in many other countries of Africa, monogamy is highly popular in Uganda. Both man and woman are regarded incomplete and even are not respected before he or she is married. That is an unusual way in Africa, where a man is expected to have up to five wives provided he is able to cater for them. But the monogamic approach is a main reason for Uganda to be highly successful in striving for the health of the nation.

Kampala, the capital of the state, is a modern and vivid city. It was the city of seven hills intentionally, and the number grew over time. One of only seven Bahá'í Houses of Worship in the world is situated in Kampala. It is also known as the Mother Temple of Africa. And the nightlife in the city is outstanding. The variety of Kampala vacation rentals is presented on our website, and it is a great possibility to experience one of the best parts of the Black Continent!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seychelles - the tropical Garden of Eden

A picture of one of a splendid Seychelles beaches
Seychelles, the Earth’s oldest mid-oceanic granite islands and low-lying coral atolls, still holds the tranquil beauty untouched by man. The diverse nature of the place that varies from vast forests to white-sand ocean beaches will inevitably produce an indelible impression on you.

UNESCO defined two places in Seychelles as World Heritage Sites. Those are Vallée de Mai on Praslin Island, where Coco-de-mer nut grows high on the aged palms, and Aldabra, which is the world’s largest coral atoll. By the way, there are Praslin Island vacation rentals available on our website, so you can see all those exclusive locations by yourself.

Of course, it is impossible to see all the 115 island in one visit, but that will be the reason to come back. And in the meantime let us give you some useful information for your Seychelles vacation.

As there are two groups of islands – Inner and Outer – it is up to you to decide what kind of vacation is better for you. Inner islands are the centre of tourism industry, and hold almost all the facilities for a comfortable stay. However, if sailing, diving and fishing is what you seek, then Outer islands are for you. They have some luxurious accommodations, and you can do what you like in quite solitary and picturesque places.

The climate of the region is very warm. The range of temperatures varies from 24 to 32 Celsius. The October-March period provides a calm sea and humid weather, January and February are remarkable by the rains which nourish rivers and streams, and May-September brings drier weather and livelier seas.

As in any small ocean republic, the population of Seychelles is highly diverse and multinational, providing an outstanding selection of culture peculiarities and traditions. Most of the people are the descendants of the French, African, Indian and Chinese. The official languages are English, French and Seychellois Creole, which is based upon French. So it will not be a difficulty to make new acquaintances and ask for anything you need, since the community is very friendly towards tourists.

All things considered, Seychelles is one of the best places in the world to spend your holiday. The legend says that the Garden of Eden originated there, so why resist the temptation? Visit our section of Seychelles villas and arrange a beautiful and calm place to stay for you and your family!