Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uganda - experience the friendly Africa

A picturesque Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda
Uganda – home to an overwhelmingly beautiful nature and carefully preserved wildlife, abundant in species greatly. There is no place like Ugandan forests to go for a safari, to watch a prowling lion or to meet a mountain gorilla face to face.

Landlocked by five African countries, Uganda still provides a lakeside attraction, as there are several wonderful lakes, including Lake Victoria, which is the largest in Africa and belongs to the African Great Lakes. The location of the country and the reservoirs affect the climate significantly. While Victoria provides cloudy weather and rainfalls in the south of Uganda, the eastern part of the country suffers from droughts sometimes due to dryness of its climate. But all those weather surprises will not affect your journey if you choose to browse our website for Uganda vacation rentals, which proved to be a hospitable shelter from hot sun and pouring rain. Remember, it is Africa and everything can happen!

Uganda is one of the friendliest countries on the African continent. But still there are some important things to be remembered while staying there.

While English is the official language, there are more than 40 other languages currently used in the country. Yet the people will be eager to help and guide you no matter what is your mother tongue. The years of the struggle for power in Uganda made common people caring and attentive towards each other and towards any other person that isn’t native.

Unlike in many other countries of Africa, monogamy is highly popular in Uganda. Both man and woman are regarded incomplete and even are not respected before he or she is married. That is an unusual way in Africa, where a man is expected to have up to five wives provided he is able to cater for them. But the monogamic approach is a main reason for Uganda to be highly successful in striving for the health of the nation.

Kampala, the capital of the state, is a modern and vivid city. It was the city of seven hills intentionally, and the number grew over time. One of only seven Bahá'í Houses of Worship in the world is situated in Kampala. It is also known as the Mother Temple of Africa. And the nightlife in the city is outstanding. The variety of Kampala vacation rentals is presented on our website, and it is a great possibility to experience one of the best parts of the Black Continent!

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