Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mozambique - there is still much to discover

The view of imposing Mount Muresse in northern Mozambique
One of the authentic African countries with rich history of struggle for independence and rising economy is Mozambique. A constant opposition of the Arabs and the Portuguese in the medieval ages led to the emerging of a multinational and multicultural environment. The rebellious spirit of the people came out with years of guerilla war, but now it is safe, and you can experience all the tourists’ spots by yourself. There is much to see and do both in the continental Mozambique and offshore islands. The tourism industry has one of the fastest growth rates in the world, mostly because of its developing infrastructure and large natural preserves. It has become even easier to visit the island because there is Mozambique accommodation now.

Certainly, it is quite intriguing to see modern Mozambique with all its colonial heritage and more than 2500 km of the coastline. But it is better to read our tips on travelling to the country to be completely confident.

The nature and wildlife of the country is very diverse. You will find fulfillment for your every preference, whether it is sunbathing, snorkeling, trekking, cultural and eco-tourism and many more. Generally, if you need comfort and serenity, head on to Southern Mozambique. The road network and transport availability is good there, and the variety of nice and cozy accommodations is at your disposal. And if adventure is what you crave, consider Northern Mozambique. It takes some more time to get there, but a challenge is guaranteed. Moreover, you get astonishing coastal panoramas, vast beaches and untouched culture as a reward.

One of the most popular destinations is Ilha de Moçambique – an island connected with the mainland through a causeway. It is a former capital of the Portuguese colony, and the architecture there is a must-see. The island was granted an UNESCO World Heritage status in 1991. The two botanical gardens complement the two towns – colonial one and traditional one. Most of the flora is imported from Madagascar. And of course, the beaches are just wonderful.

A historic town of Inhambane is one of the oldest in Mozambique. It was destroyed in the nineteenth century by the Zulu, but was rebuilt in the second half of the century as a Portuguese colonial town. The remnants of the great architecture make it famous among tourists. You can browse Inhambane vacation rentals on our website – maybe there are some of those colonial houses available!

Mozambique is on its way to become a popular tourist destination, and even now there is something for every guest to enjoy, no matter how demanding he is.

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