Friday, September 17, 2010

Senegal - a country outstanding even for Africa

A winding coastline of Senegal with small beautiful bays
Another wonderful African destination is Senegal. The thing that makes it unique among other states of the continent is that it is a home to a black nation that is 90% Muslim. Senegal doesn’t hold any strategic value, but still it has played a great part in African politics since becoming independent. It has been a cultural and diplomatic bridge between the Muslim and the black African population for many years. Senegal is maintaining close economical, social and political relations with France despite being its colony for many years, and it happens to be more fascinating because this kind of a course is unlikely for former French colonies. But a demonstration of hospitality is usual for African people, as there are Senegal vacation rentals available for you to experience such a controversial place.

Before you start your trip it is important to learn some tips and information which will help you avoid confusion and diversify your stay.

The north of the country is partly a desert, and the southern part of Senegal is abundant in tropical forests and natural preserves. And one of the most remarkable parts of the country is its vast beaches. You can choose for yourself either significant and well-built resort zones, where comfort is a usual thing and nightlife is vibrant, or small relaxed native fishing villages with a coastline filled with lively wooden pirogues. In any case you will enjoy excellent swimming and sunbathing.

The National Park and Reserve System of Senegal is developing confidently. The wildlife of the dunes and mangrove swamps which surround the mouth of the Senegal River is kept in Langue de Barbarie National Park and Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary. A great diversity of the wild animals can be observed in the Niokolo-Koba National Park, which is also a World Heritage Site. That area is remote and mainly undeveloped, but still provides possibilities for specialty tours. The southwest of the country is a particular place for tropical forest expeditions and ecotourism.

Petite Côte is the place that combines all possible interests of Senegal in itself. A small stripe of seashore contains attractive beaches and tiny villages, as well as rich wildlife and mangroves. But apart from all this the region presents an important historical value. Diorom Boumag, an ancient shell mound close to Siné-Saloum, witnessed the earliest African civilizations. The traces of the ancient and medieval empires are not so easy to find, but local villagers can pamper your ears with great stories, so you will completely forget about searching. Consider all this when seeing La Petite Cote vacation rentals on our website.

Senegal has an exclusive atmosphere of a country which is varied in people and places. Do not miss your opportunity to see one of the earliest inhabited territories of the Black Continent!

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