Monday, September 27, 2010

Ecuador - a small country, a great nature

San Rafael Falls, located in the Yasuni National Park - one of the finest places in Ecuador
One of the countries that lie in the both Northern and Southern hemispheres is Ecuador. Its official name is even translated as “Republic of the equator”. A completely unique environment, that is simply amazing for a country of such size, is carefully preserved. The ecosystem rights are actually enforced in the new constitution of Ecuador. To impress you even more it is worth to say that 15% of all known bird species in the world live in Ecuador. The main reason to see this country is its nature. Wait till you come across those Galapagos tortoises! And a great possibility to find a nice stay for you is provided by Ecuador rentals section of our website.

Of course, it is best to experience all that beauty without any delay, but still there are some tips and advices which should be read first.

Being one of the world’s environmentally diverse places, Ecuador offers a piece of scenery for everyone. If you decide to sunbathe and enjoy the ocean, then the beaches of the Pacific are the place. Whether it is recreation you need, Ecuadorian Ands are always ready to provide you with hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. The Amazon rainforest is a home to the most exotic animal species, and the ancient Inca civilization vestiges remind of a centuries long history.

The most remarkable place of Ecuador is the Galapagos Islands. They are the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Exceptional in their diversity, the islands lay 972 km west of continental Ecuador. They emerged from the volcanic eruptions and rose almost 800 meters above the sea level. And there are still some active volcanoes on the younger islands. Of course, there is much to see except the nature: the culture resides in museums and art galleries, shops offer a variety of island-specific goods, and clubs and restaurants will be a fine entertainment for you.

The capital of Ecuador is Quito. This city was the historical capital of the Incan empire, and at the dusk of their civilisation they destroyed it to prevent from falling into the hands of conquistadors. The Spaniards took the effort to rebuild the city, and so it stands ever since. The Old Town impresses the visitors with the colonial architecture. It is the best preserved historic centre in Latin America. The high altitude of the city location determines the climate, which can surprise you with cool evenings and couple of months of rain. But the hotness of day compensates it all, so be sure you are protected from the sun! Quito vacation rentals offer the best protection from all weather conditions and a comfortable accomodation too.

Ecuador is a country which can boast its unique possibilities for ecotourism. Nevertheless lazy time spending on the beach is also available, and you will never regret visiting the equator itself!

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