Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Venezuela - a paradise of Christopher Columbus

The highest waterfall in the world - Angel Falls in Venezuela
Venezuela, one of the most beautiful countries of Latin America, was considered to be literally a paradise by Christopher Columbus, when he sailed through the Gulf of Paria during his third voyage. And the name which he gave to that territory, Land of Grace, is an unofficial name of Venezuela now. Being located entirely in the tropics, the country really offers a great abundance of nature, locations, wildlife and weather conditions. Average temperature is 25°C (77°F), but the Andes are usually cooler, as any mountains are, and you can even come across snow in its highest parts. But that is not a problem for an experienced traveler, for there is a Venezuela vacation rentals section on our website, and no weather can stop you from exploring Amazonian rain forests, peaks of Andes or Angel Falls – the highest waterfall in the world!

There are some basic things you need to know if you decide to visit Venezuela, so read the extracts we prepared for you before moving on to the rentals.

As it is usual for a South American country, the sunny beaches and the warm ocean in one part of the territory is complemented by the mountains, particularly Andes, on the other. The Andes of Venezuela are about 400 km long and 50-100 km wide. It is a perfect place for adventure activities, such as climbing, trekking, camping, horse riding, paragliding, and mountain biking. And if you admire wildlife or conduct a research on flora and fauna, the mountain chains of Venezuela are just the thing for you as well.

Being without a doubt the most popular tourist attraction in Venezuela, The Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall on Earth. However, the trip to the fall may be somewhat complicated, since they are situated in an isolated jungle region. The only way to reach the site is by plane from Caracas or Ciudad Bolivar to the Canaima camp, where the trips to the base of the falls start. During the wet season, which is from June to December, it is also possible to get there by river. But it is worth to take an effort, since it is a majestic view!

One of the best locations to enjoy the seaside is Margarita Island. There is about 167 km of coastline, where both busy tourist beaches and quiet fishing villages can be discovered. Of course, bars, shops, restaurants and similar entertainment can be found on the island too. If you like to explore the depths, then you are sure to take pleasure in snorkeling and scuba diving. And if speed and open spaces is your thing, it is certainly worth to try windsurfing. All this can be easily done while staying in Margarita Island vacation rentals, which are also present on our website.

Venezuela is a country of contrast and variability, and no matter what season will you choose to come there, you will fully enjoy your vacation!

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