Monday, September 20, 2010

Argentina - a fabulous attraction for everyone

A spectacular view of Buenos Aires - the capital of Argentina
Argentina – the land of silver. Once a quiet and peaceful land of Incas, now it is one of the worlds greatly developed countries. Actually, it is not made of silver. It all took place when the Spanish reached the shores of South America. The expedition of conquistadors received silver offerings from the natives, and the news about the mountain rich in silver, Sierra del Plata, reached Spain. And the name ‘Argentina’ was consolidated in the National Constitution in 1853. It is obvious now that if there wasArgentina rental property those days, the exploration of the country would have been even more comfortable and interesting. The contrast between the vast plains to the East and imposing Andes Mountains to the West makes it really attractive to be seen with your own eyes.

But before you will set your foot on the journey for the infamous silver mountain, check out our tips for making your travelling to Argentina safe and exciting.

The first thing to remember is that traffic in Argentina is to some extent careless and speedy. When going afoot please be extremely attentive. Traffic laws are something that drivers in Argentina often do not comply or even ignore. Of course, a sloppy traveler can be safe nowhere, but it is not so hard to follow simple safety rules and to be cautious, so no traffic could spoil your vacation.

Whether you like the mountains, the ocean or simply sightseeing, there is anything for your taste in Argentina. The highest peak in the Western and Southern hemisphere, Aconcagua, is situated in the Andes, which in turn form a natural border with neighboring Chile. The city of Mar del Plata offers you a beautiful ocean coast and a sophisticated tourism infrastructure. And certainly a number of national parks and World Heritage Sites are scattered throughout the country. It is definitely hard to see them all in one visit, but who says it must be only one visit?

Buenos Aires is often called the ‘Paris of South America’ and is one of the most popular destinations in the world. There is much to see and to do there. Tango shows, theatre plays, tourist circuits, wonderful architecture, churches, museums – to name only a few. A huge variety of Buenos Aires vacation rentals allows you to find the most suitable one for you and fully enjoy staying in that marvelous city.

Argentina has always been a striking country, and its rich historical and cultural legacy makes it a remarkable attraction for every category of tourists – from idle vacationers to grey-bearded archaeologists. Don’t miss your chance to experience South America in its most amazing manifestations!

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  1. I was really shocked to see the nighlife they have. I really loved this placed called El Beso.
    The small space beyond maintains the air of a 1940s nightclub, updated somewhat with brilliant reds and modern abstractions painted on some of its walls. Ceiling lamps made from car air filters cast a golden glow on the dancers.
    The buenos aires apartment I was staying in was close to it!