Thursday, September 30, 2010

Macedonia - land of churches and mountains

The church of St. John the Theologian–Kaneo above Ohrid Lake in Macedonia
Macedonia, one of the youngest independent countries in the world, is enriching the European continent with its unrepeatable mentality and picturesque landscapes. Parted from Yugoslavia back in 1991, it has since demonstrated significant economical growth. The country is a candidate for the European Union, which indicates that a level of life is due to grow inevitably. Apart from the economy issues, Macedonia is a very beautiful and hospitable country. A lot of places to see and to be awe-inspired! The lack of any sea coast is easily filled with marvelous mountain ranges, which form the natural boundaries of the country. And there are also three large lakes that are shared with Albania and Greece by the borders. Macedonia vacation rentals can be very useful when you decide to experience the magnificence of this state.

Every little piece of the country’s territory is filled with attractions, and no wonder you can feel lost after some time. Read some tips we have carefully picked for you in order to plan your journey effectively.

The mountains are nearly the main natural places of interest in Macedonia. They can be ousted only by the lakes. Stretching along the borders of the country, the Šar Mountains, the Osogovo–Belasica mountain chain, or the Rhodope range, and the Vardar River outline a great valley in the centre, which represents Macedonia in geographical way. The first thing to enjoy in the mountains is alpinism, since there are 14 peaks higher than 2000 meters in the country. And if climbing is not your way of exploring the mountains, you can still discover deep caves, ski, paraglide or just relax in the small and friendly mountain villages.

Macedonia is a very cultural and traditional country, and the outstanding heritage is the best assurance. Religious sites have the major position in the country. Some of the old churches and monasteries have preserved Byzantine fresco paintings, which were created between 11th and 16th century. Most of them are the masterworks of the Macedonian School of ecclesiastical painting. You may have heard about the churches of St. Sophia and the Holy Virgin of Perivleptos in Ohrid, the church of the Holy Saviour in Skopje and others. As a certain percent of the population is Muslim, there are pieces of great oriental architecture too.

One of the most prominent sites in Macedonia is Lake Ohrid. It is the largest one in the country and one of the deepest in Europe. It is claimed to have emerged about two or three million years ago. There are a lot of historical and cultural attractions, such as a restored Roman amphitheatre, that provides great acoustic for music festivals. According to the legend, there were 365 churches from the 4th century and onwards. And after all it is also a great waterside resort. Just see our Ohrid vacation rentals section and start planning your trip!

Such a small piece of land as Macedonia can keep you busy the whole vacation, and still you will see only a part of what it has to offer.

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