Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guadeloupe - take a ride on the butterfly!

An astonishing panorama of Guadeloupe - the Butterfly Island
Guadeloupe is an absolutely unique archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, not only by its shape but also by its mixture of the modern infrastructure and civilization and local traditions and culture. It has a shape of a butterfly, if to look from above, and it is no wonder that the other name of Guadeloupe is the Butterfly Island. It has been a French overseas region and an inseverable part of the Republic of France since 2007. All of the islands are absolutely different, offering a varied complex of sights and attractions. As the local currency is euro, there will be no problems with sorting out the prices and planning your budget. And the availability of Guadeloupe vacation rentals will allow you to plan your vacation in detail and make the best of it.

While you are figuring out the best flight to Caribbean, spend some minutes of your time to read about the most outstanding places to see and things to do in Guadeloupe.

The main island consists of two parts, or ‘wings’ - Grande-Terre, the eastern wing, and Basse-Terre, the western one. Grand-Terre is a home to an assortment of coast towns and various beach activities. Azure water and white sand stretch along the shoreline as far as eye can see. You can as well learn to surf here or relax in numerous beach bars. Basse-Terre can boast a national park and La Soufrière volcano. For those who wish to have an adventure, there are hiking trails and a Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve. Each of the smaller islands, such as La Désirade, Terre-de-Haut and Marie-Galante, has its own matchless atmosphere – one being cool, the other – cosmopolitan, and the third – rural.

You can never be far from a beautiful beach while in Guadeloupe, whether it is man-made or wild, white or black sand, with calm water or high waves. But the islands have more to see than just beaches. The splendid tropical forest of Guadeloupe offers luxurious and endemic flora and fauna. It is best preserved in the Guadeloupe National Park, which occupies over 17000 hectares. Hunting, fishing and plant picking is prohibited there. You can enjoy picnics or mountain trail exploring in the national park, so don’t forget to take some warm clothes with you. But be sure to be careful if you decide to undertake the mountains during the rainy season, which is from July to November.

One of the most spectacular attractions in Guadeloupe is the Pulling Oxen Course. Every year such an event takes place at the end of the sugar season and reaches its full extent in November. Those extremely strong creatures pull unbelievable weights – from 1300 to 1700 kg – uphill along the coast. Every Sunday yokes of oxen drag large carriages with stones, and it is an opportunity for the inhabitants of the island to get together and arrange a party. To the tourists it is like a sight from another time. Certainly, you can also enjoy all this if you look for Ferry vacation rentals on our website.

Guadeloupe is a place to relax and ease yourself in a good and friendly environment. This small Caribbean archipelago can offer everything a tourist may wish for.

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