Monday, November 29, 2010

Cambodia - a hard path for an outstanding country

Angkor Wat - the most renown symbol of Cambodia
One of the most ambiguous countries in Asia is Cambodia. Torn apart by an authoritarian regime after prominent centuries of building a prosperous kingdom, it is now gaining its way up to the position of developing country and attractive region for tourism. The noticeable sights of this country are both inspiring and depressing, as you may feel like you’ve touched the realm of the gods in all those temples and spiritual places, and still be overwhelmed by the reproachful memorials of the Khmer Rouge rule. The country is presently forming its international image and building a decent future for its entire people, who are by the way relatively young – half of the population is not more than 22 years old. One of the perspective means of the country development is tourism, and that is why there are some Cambodia apartments available. A great part of the world’s history can be found in the country, where the first inhabitants are believed to exist as early as 6000 BC.

Cambodia is becoming friendlier to visitors with every year, but there are some things to be remembered for a safe and easy journey through its wonderful places.

The coastline of Cambodia counts about 443 km, and no wonder there are a lot of nice beaches. Several provinces are facing the Gulf of Thailand. One of the youngest and attractive resorts is Kep city. Fresh seafood is available here in any time of the year. Other distinctive coastal places are Cham Yeam, Sihanouk Ville, Kep Thmey, Bokor Hill Station, which offers a stunning view of the coast, and some others. The southern coast of the country is surrounded by many tropical islands, still none of them being inhabited. But a great opportunity for wildlife observation and ecotourism is provided by this locality, along with Cardamom Mountains. The Mekong River is the one to run through all the country, and it is a home to freshwater dolphins. And if you go farther north, you will find picturesque regions with mountains and waterfalls, inhabited by ethnic minorities of Cambodia.

Probably the most outstanding attraction in Cambodia and truly a symbol of the nation is the Angkor complex. It represents the art, civilization, spirit and power of the Khmer people. The 400 square kilometers of Angkor complex built in early 12th century comprise 200 monuments, Angkor Wat being the greatest and best-preserved of them. Furthermore, it is the largest religious building in the world, representing the main beliefs of the people of that time – Hinduism, and switching to Buddhism in the 14th century. Words can hardly describe the majesty of the temple, so it is absolutely better to experience it by yourself.

One of the most popular destinations in the country and even in the world is the town of Siem Reap. Providing a support for the Angkor temples, Siem Reap does not feel a lack of visitors by itself. The center of the town is still looking old and dormant because of the French architecture houses, slowly flowing river and boulevards lined with trees. But it is expanding quite rapidly, and new houses and resorts are being erected in the vicinity of the town. The only thing that can be a drawback now is an ever-increasing number of tourists, which often causes traffic jams and crowding, but nevertheless it is very good for the locals, as they have the opportunity to get their Siem Reap vacation rentals to use and avow their newly acquired status of hospitable nation.

Though you may have not heard from Cambodia for long, now it is time to learn more and visit it. Every country deserves to be rated highly by foreigners for its natural beauty and wonderful people, and Cambodia is not an exclusion.

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