Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cape Verde - a ten of absolutely distinct islands

A view of Praia - the capital city of Cape Verde
The tiny island republic of Cape Verde has some controversies according to its name. Though ‘verde’ means ‘green’ in Portuguese, the territory of the country is not completely overtaken with vegetation, as suggested. The islands are of the volcanic origin, and three of the ten of them are sandy and dry, while the remaining ones tend to be rockier and have a lush flora. The name of the country was inherited from the closest to it African Cap Vert, which in turn means ‘green’ in French. The state of Cape Verde is a world-renowned country, which displays a great rate of economic growth and nearly the highest democracy level in Africa. Its history started with slave trade, which was determined by its expedient location for such a purpose. The wealthy coast attracted pirates, who ransacked the capital, which was then Ribeira Grande, twice. Now the Republic of Cape Verde is an attractive place to visit due to its year-round warm climate and cultural extravagance, and a variety of Cape Verde villas, which makes it much more pleasant to stay there.

Some things need to be sorted out before you can start an enjoyable vacation in Cape Verde, so read several insights on the most interesting particularities of that country.

Each of the nine populated islands holds its individual culture, and every single Cape Verdean identifies himself with a culture of his distinct island. The nation in whole is quite poor, while the small amount of middle class can be found emerging in cities and towns. Despite the overwhelming poverty, the people remain very affable, generous and hospitable. No matter how humble the family lives, they take their pride and enjoyment in presenting a guest with a meal. Both men and women tend to show their affection and goodwill when meeting each other, even if the same persons meet more than once during the same day. That often includes extensive warm greetings and inquiring about health and family. You can be absolutely sure that you will always feel welcomed among Cape Verdeans.

As any tropical island country, Cape Verde is almost a one whole coastline. The stunning variety of beaches and activities will take all your time, so make sure you will arrange it in a way to leave some for inland exploration. The best beaches are located on the Sal and Boa Vista islands. Actually, Sal is the main tourist destination of Cape Verde, as it accepts nearly over 50% of all the visitors. All the modern tourism commodities and facilities are available on this island, since it is the most developed among the others. You can simply relax and enjoy clear water and white sand beach, or, in case you are a water sports enthusiast or even a professional, you can take on the exploration of the magnificent underwater world, surf the high waves or let the wind guide your kite. There are also some dry land attractions. The most renown of them are the salt mine, natural swimming pool Buracona and Murderia, where a lot of brilliant accommodations can be found.

Whichever island will you choose for your Cape Verde holiday, you can have no doubt that it will be outstanding and memorable. There are a lot of opportunities to arrange your stay, be it Maio island vacation rentals or any other of them, so you can devote all your time to having fun and experiencing the unique culture of this colorful island community.

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